MOOC Map of Student Engagement by Carolyn Fish. Maps of engagement by students in the Maps and the Geospatial Revolution Course. More information is available on my blog

Solar Maps Poster by Carolyn Fish. My poster for the International Cartographic Conference in Rio de Janiero in August 2015.

The New Physiographic Map of Michigan map design by Carolyn Fish. As the cartographer on the project, I did the design work for this new map of Michigan's physiographic regions. This is a three page PDF file.

Are You Blind to Change? Poster by Carolyn Fish with Kirk Goldsberry. My poster for the International Cartographic Association Conference in Santiago, Chile in November 2009. This poster presents preliminary research findings from my thesis research on change blindness in animated choropleth maps.

Farm Lane Bridge to the Future Project by Carolyn Fish. In the Fall of 2009, I took a course in News Graphics with Karl Gude, formerly of Newsweek. This was the project I completed for his course. There are two parts, an interactive slide show and a static tabloid size news graphic.

Tomato Production Comparison Map by Carolyn Fish. As a cartographic design consultant for Courtney Gallaher (PhD student in Geography, Michigan State) for a project on tomato production comparisons between 1961 and 2003. The map highlights the countries highest in tomato production in both years on one map.

Map of the Tapajos River, Brazilian Amazon by Carolyn Fish. As a cartographic design consultant for Trilby MacDonald Becker (M.S. Geography, Michigan State, 2009), I designed several maps for her thesis to denote her study areas in the center of the Brazilian Amazon. This is a two page PDF file.

Map of Koh Tao, Thailand by Carolyn Fish. As a cartographic design consultant for Nate Zukas, (M.S. Geography, Michigan State, 2009), I designed this map for his thesis on backpacker tourism in Koh Tao, Thailand.

ScaleMaster.org by Robert Roth, Mike Stryker, Carolyn Fish, Doug Schoch and Cindy Brewer. ScaleMaster is a diagram to organize design decisions in multi-scale mapping projects. This project was presented by Robert Roth at NACIS 2008 in Missoula, Montana. Doug Schoch and I designed the maps used for the project.

Pennsylvania Center for the Book by Carolyn Fish, Marcy Allen, and Steven Herb.
The goals of this project were to redesign the interactive literary map of Pennsylvania available on the Center for the Book's website. This project was based out of Penn State's University Libraries from a Bednar Grant. Below are both the current design (left) and new design for the interactive map (right).